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Preparation for 2012: Part 1 – Dealing With and Defeating Negativity

By Roy Francis Stewart

Become enlightened and align yourself with the Cosmic Energies, the Cosmic Pulse, and the heart of the Goddess of the Universe – Galactic Centre, where all the “stars” were birthed including you and I.

A member of mine on my own network posted an important question recently and one that many people are asking these days:

What would you do to protect your loved ones and keep them safe when chaos reigns in the world due to upcoming changes in 2012? Will you take your family underground, leave the country, pray or ignore everything and hope for the best?

Of course she is referring to the end of the Mayan Calendar. The end of the world, native prophecies coming true, a possible World War III, a pole shift, a failing economy, and/or becoming enslaved to the New World Order where our individual rights are taken from us.

How to prepare for all that is coming? It’s a lot to tackle here. Many books have been written about it: the doom and gloom variety, the awakening to consciousness variety, and the spiritual evolution and ascension period. I tend to lean on the latter and I am supported by it. One word comes to mind that encapsulates the doom and gloom side — negativity. From my perspective and combined training in spiritual disciplines and martial arts, I feel that in order to deal with negativity one needs to understand how the Universe works and how one works within this Universe. Negativity is the polarity of the positive, in balance, and it is what makes up this 3rd Dimension. Without negativity, you would have no 3rd Dimension. It wouldn’t exist and thus, you wouldn’t exist in it.

The confusion is what and who we really are and the fact that most of us don’t know who and what we are and are thrust into this world with no memory of any other experience. We are ill equipped and are exposed only to the negativity we see. We think that this is all there is. Then we get depressed, thinking that we have to escape or we’ll spiral down and turn to over-indulgences like drinking, drugs or anything else, which of course, draws us down deeper into the negativity. We can get comfortable with overindulgences, adjust to them and perhaps live in them not unlike the living dead.

But, the question is, what is the root of all this? And the answer is simply … ignorance. Ignorance of who we really are, what this Universe is and how it operates.

So, religions, mythologists and Shamans, and filmmakers help point the way, but even they do not have all the answers. I’ll be the first to tell you, I don’t have all the answers either. I’m not a Buddhist per se, but they get pretty close to an understanding. However, the problem is that the individual still lives in this world and still may not know the ultimate truth. They may label the world as Samsara, an illusion, and seek refuge from it in meditation. Meditation is a great tool, but in order to escape the illusion world, which is the 3rd Dimension, one would have to spend the majority of their time in meditation. So, the next question to ask … is this really living?

The 3rd Dimension is real; it’s not an illusion. If you’re here, there is no escaping it. You can spend 6 days and 23 hours in meditation if you want to, but when you come out of it, you step into the 3rd Dimension world for just one hour and then you immediately realize that this world is very negative. For example, Tibetans are still getting beaten up and there is still war going on over there.

I say we need simply to shift to a new understanding — instant enlightenment!

The Ten-Fold Path

  1. This world is the world of duality, the world of polarity, of positive and negative. This is the world of the 3rd dimension.
  2. There are countless dimensions above this material world – the 3rd dimension.
  3. The world of God or Source or Allah or Pure Mind or Oneness, is not in the 3rd dimension; it is a singular all-positive dimension that gives birth to all lesser dimensions.
  4. However, inside of us, is the Divine Spirit, that is the real us. It is encased in a flesh body here to function in this 3rd dimension, with a purpose.
  5. We recognize, realize or understand that our true nature is singularity, or oneness. But we live in a world of duality.
  6. If we attach ourselves only to the material, and to the degree that we do so, we also separate ourselves further from the truth (see 5 above). We only perceive the negative and can get caught up in it.
  7. Society is set up to lock us into the material 3rd Dimensional world and “controllers” profit from keeping us in this sleep state. For example, when you’re in Kindergarten, do they tell you that you are an infinite being capable of being a co-creator in this dimension because the real you is the Divine encased in a material body and as such this reality is molded by your every thought? NO. They teach you the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and you are indoctrinated into eventually serving this system. (This whole system is against the divine plan, and thus may fall, as we are starting to see.)
  8. With this new understanding, you know who you are, where you are from and where you will eventually go. Right now, you are a walking, talking, living Sage — a physical manifestation or expression of the non-physical Divine mind. Even though there is a lot of negativity, there is also compassion to help others and also enjoy life. You take a walk by the beach and enjoy the surf pounding. You smell the flowers, you listen to music, you laugh, you cry, you create, you sleep, you eat, make love, communicate … you simply enjoy life.
  9. By your example, you are released from the world of illusion, as you know the Truth. You are no longer ignorant and a prisoner of the 3rd Dimensional world. You are also no longer a prisoner of Dogma — something man-made. Also, by your example, you are living in balance with the Divine Universe and as such you are “in flow”. Good things happen to you: The landscape changes simply because you walked past it; The kid you said hello to is transformed; The cat you gave some milk to learns to trust humans. You are walking your talk and you are aiding in raising the consciousness of the entire planet and everything in it.
  10. This is the best part. This understanding can come in an instant or it could take years. It is under the direction of a higher intelligence beyond your comprehension, it is coming from an infinite place. The exciting news is that it is now directly coming in through energy, through light, through people, and through star emanations. It’s moving as part of a quickening and now is the time to jump on and ride the wave to immortality and enjoyment. This is the realm of Spirit. The Spirit overcomes the material, the below. It’s building up and it seems to point to the fast- approaching December 21, 2012 date. Let the shift begin!

What I am saying is that in the higher dimensions, as we move up to Source, an all-positive singularity, beyond our comprehension. That is why in various occult mystery schools, they say that Source or God is unknowable and unutterable. In Jewish mysticism you can’t and shouldn’t even try to pronounce the true name and only a few know it, and use it under certain conditions.

However, there is a negative that exists in this — the lower dimension. This dimension exists whether you use the Bible as a source of knowledge or not claim that there were angels that fell or were cast down to Earth. Falling from grace for whatever reason, they mutated and developed an opposite polarity and were removed and sent here to Earth where they created their dominion. Now the story of course could be a metaphor for “energies”, or electromagnetic star emanations, which goes back to the “unknowable”. We just don’t know. There is such a thing as “good” and ‘evil” that exists in OUR dimension. Denying it is ignorance and denial.

Knowing or Gnosis is learning how to adapt to this environment, this dimension and what I alluded to above is the common belief among all religions — that within us is the “Divine Spirit”, Soul, Clear Mind, Nirvana, Gnosis, Enlightenment, Great Spirit, Father, Goddess, and on and on and on.  Again, this is man trying to understand and label something that is un-knowing. But we try. This is the learning step, the learning curve of who we are and what we are capable of and the means to dealing with where we are right here and right now.

The agreement among all wisdom teachers is that we are aspects of this Source and may have the responsibility to try to raise the consciousness of ourselves and others and the frequency and dimension of this planet –if not the entire universe — to restore it.

The Roy Francis Stewart network and web site is the main site for all things related to Mr. Stewart’s work as a writer, filmmaker and investigative journalist. The site also serves as being a spiritual/metaphysical community – a network of Artisans and Non-Artisans alike with one common bond – the Quest for SPIRIT and compelling information. Forums and Blog posts placed on the site in addition to Mr. Stewart’s work, and Members work, are from some of the leading non-fiction authors and experts in their respective fields of ancient history, mythology, spirituality and more.

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