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The Star Child Skull Results!

By Viewzone

Is there any known disease or pathology that could cause this?

The answer is yes... and no. There is a well known condition called hydrocephalus, literally "water on the brain," in which the cerebral spinal fluid that normally bathes the brain and spinal chord becomes obstructed and builds up pressure inside the skull. This condition can happen to the fetus inside the womb or can occur in early childhood. The result is that the infant's skull, which has not fully formed or hardened, expands to accommodate the excess fluid.


The human skull is made of plates that are separated by cracks or sutures. These sutures allow the skull to expand as the brain grows. They only fuse during later adult life. Infants and children suffering from hydrocephalus [above left] typically have a round -- almost spherical -- shaped skulls as the fluid easily separates and expands the sutures.

The Starchild skull is slightly heart shaped. The skull expands on both sides of the saggital (center) suture. Examination of this suture shows that it is not fused and so could not restrict the expansion if it were caused by a build up of cerebral spinal fluid. This suggests that the shape of the skull was not caused by spinal fluid.

Another problem with attributing these deformities to hydrocephalus is the eye sockets. Hydrocephalus does not usually distort the shape of the eyes or bony orbits. Indeed children with this disorder have normal looking faces (see image above).

2_400But the Starchild's eyes are extremely unusual. Normal human eye sockets are 2" deep and cone-like, with the optic nerve and the foramen openings (holes for nerves connecting the eyes to the brain) at the farthest point inside. The Starchild's sockets are 0.7" deep, and the optic nerves and foramens are located further down and closer to the inner base of the nose. The surfaces of the Starchild's eye sockets appear perfectly smooth. No shifts in their terrain are evident to human eyes. Yet very subtle shifts are there, and they areexactly alike (i.e. bilateral) in each socket, which can be felt with a fingertip. Such incredible symmetry is highly unlkely to arise from a developmental disease and is most likely genetically determined.

3_400The upper ledges of human eye sockets are rounded [above, left], feeling to the hand like a soda straw. The Starchild's upper sockets come to an edge, not sharp enough to cut, but thin in every way.

4_400Humans have an inner ear which we use to determine what is up and down, to balance ourselves and to detect left - right movement. It is essential to our existence on this gravity planet. The Starchild has an enormous inner ear, several times larger than that of a human. Why? Perhaps it was also many times more sensitive to small changes of position and movement. The location of the ear hole is also different in the Starchild, being lower and more towards the front of the skull. These types of deformities defy explanation.

5_400The cheek bone (the zygomatic arch) protrudes from the face in humans [above,left(purple)] but the cheek bones of the Starchild are unusually small and recessed from the skull. Together with the pieces of the upper jaw, we can see that Starchild's lower face is much smaller than a normal human. The artist's rendering on the right indicates what Starchild might have looked like.

But what about the DNA?

We could summarize many more important anatomical differences of the Starchild skull but these would be meaningless if the DNA turned out to be human. As some scientists have argued, the skull could be an individual who suffered from multiple diseases or afflictions but is still 100% human. Why does LLoyd Pye believe this skull is... something else?

6Lloyd began DNA testing about 10 years ago using material extracted from various parts of the skull and teeth. Although science had made some spectacular breakthroughs in profiling DNA, the technology has only recently been able to allow a detailed analysis from a very small sample.

Perhaps some readers of this article will remember that a lab once reported that the Starchild was nothing more than a human. This was an error based on incomplete testing. It did, however, discourage Lloyd as the media seemed determined to squash any hint that the Starchild could be extraterrestrial. Lloyd himself admitted that he wished he had not named the skull "the Starchild" as this lable seems to have invited ridicule from scientists who are stuck in the mainstream paradigm. This also made it extremely difficult to find a professional laboratory willing to test the DNA and possibly have their reputation associated with any controversial results.

Nevertheless, in 2003 Lloyd did find a laboratory, Trace Genetics, willing to let the truth of science prevail. They opted to take a rectangular "window" of the cranium bone and extract the DNA. The window of bone was cut into four smaller pieces for testing purposes. One was put into a test tube filled with EDTA, and that was put into a rocker arm. A similar piece of bone from the human was put in a rocker arm beside it. In one week the EDTA would entirely dissolve normal human bone, which it did with the human from the mine tunnel. However, the Starchild's bone did not dissolve at all, not in one week and not in one month. It had to be dissolved by a very powerful detergent called 'Tween 20. This was another clear indication that the Starchild was something other than entirely human because no other human bone required such handling.

 The surprising results!

Even before the DNA was extracted, the team cutting the window of skull bone had some unexpected discoveries. The thickness of the skull was less than normal but the strength was far greater than normal human skull tissue. It was more like tooth enamel. And when it was viewed under a microscope it was found to contain interwoven fibers -- like rebar in cement -- that had never been seen before!


Because of the CSI television shows, nearly everyone everywhere knows at least the fundamentals of how DNA is extracted and squeezed into gel sheet strips to reveal the specific DNA patterns of victims or suspects of crimes. The same held for the human and the Starchild. Their DNA was extracted and then primers were applied to those extractions. Primers are man-made strings of base pairs from a few hundred to a few thousand long. They can be imagined as genetic keys that fit into extremely specific locks. If human-based primers find corollaries in an unknown batch of DNA, there can be absolutely no doubt whatever that the unknown batch came from a human. And, likewise, if human-only primers do not find corollaries in a batch, it is not human.

Once the human's DNA and the Starchild's DNA were recovered and ready for testing, the process was straightforward. Both samples were analyzed for their nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA.

The mitochondrea is a small organelle inside a cell that produces energy for the cell's metabolism. It contains DNA which passes from the mother to the child. The mitochondreal DNA in your own cells is the same as your mother's, your grandmother's, your great grandmother's etc. If human DNA were found in the mitochondreal DNA, this would mean that the Starchild's mother was human.

The nucleus is the center of a cell. It also contains genetic information, but from both mother and father. The proportions can change and are usually not 50% each. If human-only primers were found in the nuclear DNA, that would mean that both parents of the Starchild were human.



Figure A [above] shows the results of the mitochondrea DNA of the human skeleton. As expected, it is human and has ancestry in the so-called "Haplogroup A", a genetic group common among early Mesoamericans.

Figure B shows The Starchild's mitochondreal DNA, which was also easily recovered on the first attempt. This was very good news as it meant it had suffered little or no degradation. From this gel we can also determine that the mother was human and from the Haplogroup C, another genetic group common among early Mesoamericans

Figure C is nuclear DNA from the human skull. As expected, it shows a good selection of human markers. No surprises here.

9_400But when nuclear DNA for the Starchild was tested the results were shocking.

Despite six attempts, the nuclear DNA did not react with any known human markers. This meant the father of the Starchild was not human.

What do we know from these 2003 tests?

We know that:
(1) The DNA in both samples was exceptionally well preserved after 900 years.

(2) The mitochondreal DNA recovery proved the Starchild's mother was undoubtedly human.

(3) The Starchild's nuclear DNA was viable, but not recoverable by human-only primers.

Combining the last two of those left only one stark and startling conclusion: By knowing the Starchild's mother was human, and by knowing its nuclear DNA was viable but not responding to human-only primers, that could only mean that the father was causing the primer keys to fail to find their specific human locks. The father wasn't entirely human!

Where do we go from here?

Since 2003, some extremely dramatic innovations have allowed for the tracking of almost all of the genetic code in a given sample -- human or non-human. Part of the rush to develop this technology was the analysis of Neanderthal DNA in an effort to see if they were closely related to present day humans. With billions of base pairs and markers to apply to a sample of DNA, the new process is lengthy and very expensive. But it can reveal how human like ornon-human like a given sample is and it can finally resolve the nature of the non-human DNA that fathered the Starchild.

According to Lloyd Pye,

"Those physical variations in the Starchild skull are facts, regardless of whether science is willing to confront them at this moment or not. And by utilizing the new specialized testing modality, those facts can produce results that cannot be dismissed, ignored, ridiculed, or disputed by anyone. Such results will be immutable, so scientists will -- like it or not -- have to accept them and deal with them, just as religion and government will have to accept and deal with them. There is no other alternative to the testing scenario. The Starchild was, and is, a human-alien hybrid with the incredible ability to create new history as big as history can ever be created."

If you would like to help Lloyd Pye in his research, please contact him at

UPDATE: MARCH 2010 We finally have a recovery of nuclear DNA from the Starchild!

This past weekend I met with the geneticist working on the Starchild's DNA. He explained how he can now prove the Starchild is not entirely human, which has been our position for years. Now it is no longer a question of "if," but of "when" and "how" we spread this astounding new reality beyond the mailing list. First, though, let me bring the list's newcomers up to speed.

In 2003 we had a DNA analysis that used human-only primers to recover the Starchild's mitochondrial DNA, the DNA outside the nucleus, which comes from the mother and her genetic line. That meant its mother was human. But we could not recover its nuclear DNA, which comes from both mother and father, which meant its father was not a human. Unfortunately, with the recovery technology of 2003 we couldn't prove what he was, which left us in scientific limbo. The "no result" from the search for the nuclear DNA clearly meant Dad wasn't human, but we could not prove that fact beyond all possible doubt.

10_400Now, in 2010, there have been many improvements in the recovery process, and those improvements have been applied to the Starchild skull with the stunning result you see below. This is a gel sheet that shows a clear recovery of its nuclear DNA, which could not be done in 2003.

The next two screen shots are taken from the national genetic database at the National Institute of Health, NIH. That public-access database is a centralized repository of all genetic information generated by geneticists all over the world, and now covers essentially all living organisms on Earth, from various kinds of viruses and bacteria, to various kinds of crustaceans and fish, to all kinds of animals and plants, including great apes and humans.

11_400For many species, humans included, there are already nucleotide sequences covering entire genomes. Therefore, sequences from the Starchild's DNA can be directly compared against this vast database to look for any matches. In one such comparison below, you see the text below the blue line at the bottom (if you can read it, sorry it's so fuzzy) that 265 base pairs (a good length) of recovered Starchild nuclear DNA matches perfectly with a gene on human chromosome 1. This verifies beyond any degree of doubt that some of the nuclear DNA seen in the gel sheet is from a human being.

In the one below, and again at the bottom, you see the stunning report that in a string of 342 base pairs (another good length), "No significant similarity (is) found." To recover a stretch of base pairs as long as that with NO reference in the NIH database is astounding because it means there is no known earthly corollary for what has been analyzed! This incredible anomaly will put the Starchild in history books!

Please understand that this result has now been verified several times, and a few more different fragments have been identified that cannot be matched in this database to anything known. Despite that fact, mainstream skeptics will be obligated by their positions to try to say it's some kind of gibberish or some kind of mistake because in their world view it simply can't be true.

Luckily, their bleating protests can be easily overcome with continued repetition of the result, finding more and more similar fragments in the library that will be created from the Starchild's DNA, which is what the geneticist is confident will happen over the next weeks and months---nothing but verification that a significant part of the Starchild's genome is not found on Earth.

I should add that I still can't reveal the name of the geneticist or where he works until we are ready to formally present his results to the world. However, trust me, he is a well-established professional and his facility is large and very credible. They don't want to be bombarded by media until they are prepared for it, and neither do I for that matter. Just know that you are a part of the "inner circle" of those who have put your faith in a dream that is now coming true.

Two more issues of importance:

(1) I still don't know where the recent "MonsterQuest" episode "Lizard Monster" can be viewed on the internet by people outside the U.S. If anyone knows how that can be found, please let me know and I'll share with the list. Thanks!

(2) The expenses for materials doing our research has now outstripped the amount donated by the list. It is now coming out of my pocket and I could use some help to bridge that gap. However, look on the bright side. This should be the last time I ever have to ask for your help in this way.

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