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Black Salve Cancer Treatment: A Process of Elimination

Disclaimer: The Panacea-BOCAF website or information provided by the Panacea-BOCAF trustee for this article is not in any way offered as a prescription, diagnosis, nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity, or physical condition. Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program must involve the individual's acceptance of some risk; no one should assume otherwise. Any persons needing medical care should obtain it from a qualified physician. Always consult your doctor before making any health decision. The following research report is presented for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice in any way whatsoever.

CANCER. A scourge upon the modern world. 7.6 million people die from cancer every year, and our only defence is the advancement of modern medicine . . . or is it?

Many believe nature holds the key, and the not-for-profit educational organization Panacea-BOCAF (building our children a future) is among them. Veritas interviewed a trustee of Panacea-BOCAF (who needs to remain anonymous for reasons you will understand further into this article) about a controversial natural cancer treatment called Black Salve. The trustee said a great number of people diagnosed with incurable and terminal cancers have won their battles with the use of alternative cancer treatments. Black Salve is such a formula, which dates back to 1858.

One of the main ingredients, Bloodroot, has been used by Native Americans for unknown numbers of generations prior to the arrival of European colonists. It was mainly used as an antimicrobial, though the trustee doubts this effect was fully comprehended back then. Since the original formula, numerous modern formulas have come into use, foremost being Greg Caton’s Cansema, and Tonic III, a version suitable for internal use. The modern Black Salve formula includes: bloodroot, chaparral, zinc chloride, galangal root, and graviola leaf, along with dimethyl sulfoxide and vegetable glycerine to keep the formula moist.

The trustee says Black Salve has been used successfully to treat breast tumours; skin cancers; pancreatic, liver, kidney, and brain cancers; bowel cancer; melanomas; and many other malignancies. Panacea-BOCAF claim that their volunteer team of over 100 people have found that Tonic III, coupled with specific dietary elements like apricot kernels, bio-available turmeric, Pau d’Arco Tea, and the removal of refined sugar, has led to 100% effectiveness in treating and preventing malignancies.

How does Black Salve work? The trustee said that Bloodroot causes apoptosis (cancer cell suicide). For topical malignancies, Black Salve is pasted onto the tumour, which then stimulates an inflammatory response in the body after approximately 24 hours. It may take 3-5 applications (for example, in the breast and in the melanoma cases) to ensure you’ve “got it all.”

“Our volunteer results and past case studies show that it doesn’t matter how big the tumour is or how far advanced the tumour is. Any contact the salve makes will mean the end of this malignant, foreign invading cell. However, this process also involves a specific diet, internal version (Tonic III), and sometimes capsules with it. The reason for this is, when using the salve only, you still have a chance of dying from the metastasis; the other elements are added to help healing and to stop this.”

Should a patient visit the doctor at this stage, the trustee says antibiotics would probably be prescribed, assuming infection had set in. But this is not the case. Infection has not set in . . . .

“It will kill the tumour locally and most likely the body then recognises this foreign dead tissue and then begins an immune response to expel the dead tumour tissue, sometimes called ‘eschar.’ It’s important to note that Black Salve made with a formula of no greater than 21% zinc chloride is understood not to cause any unnecessary chemical burns and that the mechanism does not ‘burn’ the cancer out . . . . It is also important to point out that Black Salve can only interrupt part of the cancer process. The tumour is not the cancer. It is an effect or symptom of the underlying cause. Cancer remains in your cells, and it’s only the dietary elements and internal version Tonic III which can not only clean your system out but prevent it from coming back.”

The immune system always needs elements in the diet to bring back balance. With more endorsement, the trustee believes, without doubt, that there are promising elements ready to be uncovered in how Black Salve actually works the way it does.

But the TGA in Australia and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in America strongly advise against the use of Black Salve, with claims that it burns and corrodes the skin. The TGA website states the product is not listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and there is no current scientific evidence to validate the safety of its use.

When asked about this, the trustee said that anyone could apply Black Salve to a section of healthy skin and all you would notice is a slight, temporary redness from the zinc. That is all. When applied to a cancerous location on the body, you would see a reaction of a very different kind. After 48 hours, the area would begin weeping, and there would be pus and the dead tissue would slowly expel itself over an approximate ten-day period. The process leaves a hole which, over a small amount of time, begins to close over and heal entirely. The trustee says this stands as evidence that authentic mixtures of Black Salve do not attack healthy skin, as the TGA has implied.

“When used properly and the correct formula is used, we have not seen any negative reactions.”

Panacea-BOCAF does caution about the use of Black Salve on the nose, however, as the depth of the cancer maybe unknown and cartilage may not re-form. These are rare cases–1% in fact, but the possibility is there. Alternatives have been researched and are listed on the Panacea-BOCAF website.

Panacea-BOCAF claim to have supplied the TGA with well documented cases of the safety of Black Salve use, including video footage of two users demonstrating a healthy skin test. They say they have even offered live subjects for testing, but no follow-up or feedback was returned. The trustee believes that the TGA and the FDA are feeding inaccurate reports to the public. They also claim the TGA has the clinical word of doctors backing the results of the use of the Black Salve brand Cansema.

“We have them on record knowing everything needed about how the salve works. We even have them on record knowing about the medical records our volunteers produced, which show the efficacy and safety of Black Salve. It works.”

Is there a conflict of interest here for the pharmaceutical industry? The trustee believes quite adamantly so. Especially since an individual recently contacted Panacea-BOCAF claiming to be exceptionally ill and requesting a tub of Black Salve, which then found its way to the TGA. The trustee claims that the individual obtained the salve under false pretences for the sole purpose of shutting down supply to the public.

Panacea-BOCAF speculates that the original complaints about Black Salve could have been engineered by opposing bodies wanting Black Salve off the market. The TGA have offered no evidence or details about those allegedly harmed by Black Salve. They have never supplied the name of the brand or what formula was used. And these complaints are the basis for their widespread ban campaign.

“Some of our volunteers have reported being harassed by the TGA for telling their story of how black salve helped them via their own public website. Nirvana Anderson is one such case. The TGA sent people from Canberra to Townsville to tell her to take down her website showing how she did 19 spots with black salve for $60, something that surgically would have cost thousands. Even though Nirvana was not selling black salve and was just telling her story, the TGA wanted her to take down her website.”

The trustee say that a legal team is apparently under assembly to shut down Panacea-BOCAF’s donated Black Salve Facebook page which is run by one of their volunteers. The foundation says the site does not sell Black Salve; it only informs people of its use and success stories. The TGA claim that by doing so, they are advocating a banned product and therefore must desist. And yet the TGA website does not list Black Salve as a banned product according to the trustee. It is simply a product that is not on the ARTG.

Apparently there is only one way to get listed on the ARTG . . . with a philanthropist sponsor and lots of money to conduct studies into the product’s safety and efficacy. Panacea-BOCAF say the large number of studies and evidential reports Black Salve has to date does not count, as far as the TGA is concerned.

The FDA in America has even gone so far as to list Black Salve as one of 187 “fake” cancer treatments. When questioned about why Black Salve is not being acknowledged by medical governing bodies, the trustee declared that they are not supervised by any policing body to explicitly protect the public from corruption.

“The FDA has the biggest corruption record in human history; pharmaceutical companies have the biggest record of fines ever in human history.”

Who ensures that corruption and ignorance is controlled in the FDA and the TGA? Disturbingly, there are no governing bodies watching over them, as there are with many other organizations, says the trustee. Should we blindly accept the assertion that these government agencies have our welfare at heart? Or should we educate ourselves and make our own informed decisions?

The trustee says that without public awareness and examination of the pharmaceutical conflict of interest and current medical governing systems, natural and cheaper methods of addressing disease will never be endorsed. It is widely known in the alternative health industry that plant-based whole foods solutions are more effective in treating and preventing disease than the current model.

“If the public knew that you could get off your insulin in 21 days using plant-based raw whole foods, or that heart disease is easily addressed using plant-based whole foods, and that cancers have been prevented and reversed using a similar program, this education by default polices the corruption. Public knowledge needs to be the catalyst for change!”

Are we putting ourselves under the surgeon’s knife unnecessarily? Are we exposing ourselves to harsh radiation and chemotherapy for nought? Why are we paying over 3.8 billion dollars in cancer treatments every year (in Australia alone) when there is apparent evidence of more effective and much cheaper alternatives?

The trustee says that a batch of Black Salve–enough to last a lifetime–costs from as little as $150. Wholesale production would cost mere cents per batch. With enough education and caution, the trustee says the formula could even be made at home! Could you imagine the implication of cheap, homemade remedies that actually work to Big Pharma? A multi-billion dollar industry that thrives and relies on the population’s continued illness?

Panacea-BOCAF is trying to raise public awareness of Black Salve with a growing volunteer medical record database. They are seeking endorsement, sponsorship, or grants of any kind in order to build their case for the efficacy and safety of Black Salve. If endorsed, the trustee said, Panacea-BOCAF would assemble a trusted team of doctors and naturopaths already known to render medical records and observations of successful alternative cancer treatments from various clinics around the world. They would work to ensure that Black Salve gets listed on the ARTG, if needed.

“So the way forward is to endorse an institute like us, who wish to do this non-profit, to ensure what happened with Black Salve does not continue to happen in future, and that the other alternative cancer treatments and individuals like Greg Caton out there can have a safe passage of protection through our institute’s public function.

Call to Evolution

1: Watch the DVD One Answer to Cancer: What They Don’t Want You To Know About Big Pharma, Big Government & Big Medicine.

2: Do some research yourself. Visit the Black Salve website at and watch the YouTube production. Visit the TGA website at and read what they have to say. Make your own enquiries and come to your own conclusions.

3: Tell your friends and family about your research and let them make their own conclusions.

4: Speak to your local MP about what you can do to help raise awareness and bring about change.

5: List the prescription medications you are currently taking in a journal. Are there any natural alternatives available? Do some research, but seek the advice of a trusted medical professional before making any changes.



I used this salve for a skin cancer on my leg and it pulled it completely out in 2 weeks.


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used black salve from austraila 5 years ago it works. now need some tonic..

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