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Veritas interviews Eric Pearl - Part I

Reconnective Healing ®

This month, we were pleased to interview best-selling author and The Reconnection® founder, Dr. Eric Pearl. This is the first of a twothree-part interview with Eric by Brian Creigh, the publisher and executive editor of Veritas.

Dr Pearl was running a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles when his patients started to report healings from severe health conditions, including cancers, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy, occurring simply when he held his hands near them. Supported by researchers affiliated with institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, Dr. Pearl pioneered studies on the healing frequencies running through him and their effects on people—which he came to term “Reconnective Healing ®”

Eric Pearl has been featured in The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times and CNN. He has presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection®: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, is now published in more than 36 languages.

Brian: Eric Pearl, good morning. Great to have you here amongst us. I just want to start off by asking you what caused you to move away from your mainstream chiropractic career toward a more alternative practice of energetic healing?

Eric Pearl: I was practicing as a doctor, a chiropractor, for twelve years when one night, a few strange things occurred. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a very bright light. I opened my eyes to see what it was, and it wasn’t anything seemingly spiritual or metaphysical, just the light next to my bed, which had for some reason decided to turn itself on. Now, I’d had that lamp for a good ten years and it hadn’t turned itself on before. But there it was, suddenly in the middle of the night, on.

At this same time, I had a very clear sensation that I was being watched and observed, somehow. It felt as if somebody was in my house. I got up, took a knife and a can of pepper spray and my Doberman Pinscher and I went searching. I didn’t find anyone and finally convinced myself that it had to be my imagination. I didn’t feel like it was my imagination, but my logical brain said that’s all it could possibly be, so I went back to sleep.

That Monday, however, I went into my office and seven of my patients—independently of one another—started to tell me out of the blue that they were feeling as if there were people in the room with us, working, watching them, pairs of hands resting on their body, stroking their arms, resting in a loving, comforting fashion on the arms. I would see the muscles in their faces, little tiny voluntary muscles moving by themselves. Tiny little muscles would move in their forehead or their chin. It would pull at their eyebrows, pull up their lips. Their eyes would rapidly dart back and forth and they would report seeing colors they’d never seen before, smelling flower fragrances they’d never smelled before.

And they started reporting healings. Real healings. They were getting up out of wheelchairs, some of them. Vision and hearing were turning up. Children with cerebral palsy or epilepsy were suddenly able to walk and run and speak normally. Not have seizures, not need medication. The doctors would call; the parents would call and say, “What did you do with them?” Nothing. I didn’t do anything Everyone started coming in, saying, “I’ll have what she had.” And the next thing you know, people are asking, calling me up and saying when they left my office and drove home, they pulled up in front of their house and their automatic garage door opened by itself and their television started turning itself on and off by itself. They felt sensations in their hands. They would hold hands with their family and suddenly the grandfather could speak again after a stroke or the aunt would regain use of her arms or her legs. And we began to recognize that, once you interact with this more expansive frequency of healing, something changes that not only allows us to access our own healings, but allows us to facilitate things for others.


Now, how did I leave what I was doing to do that? First of all, when something is so clearly there and interacting with you, it gets your attention. You realize you are in a state of wonder, just really awe, at being in the presence of something so big that you really have to pause and say, “What is going on here?” And once you get over your initial skepticism, nobody else’s skepticism matters. And that’s one of the first insights that I gained. I didn’t even feel compelled to try and convince anyone. You‘re just in this presence, and you know what it is and all you can do and desire to do is share the truth of it and allow people to pick up on the parts of the reality that they are able to accept.

It’s up to them what parts of this truth they’re able to accept and what parts they’re ready for now and what parts they may be ready for later. So, you have to make a decision, I guess, to accept that you have a purpose and that the universe is speaking to you. You can either deny what is being presented to you, or trust and flow with it. I asked myself questions time and again, because this presented itself in many situations—some that were wonderfully easy and some that were challenging and difficult. I finally said to myself, “Maybe this is crazy. Maybe I should go back to doing chiropractic.” I recognized that there was such a great potential there that I simply couldn’t live with denying it and making my choice in fear. So I chose to make my choice out of love and trust and go forward with it. So, somewhere before I was even this conscious of it, I made a decision and the decision was, I had to go this way. Not, “I had to, I was forced against my will,” but, “I had to. I was compelled by the truth, by the essence, by the clarity of what this work was.”

Brian: Can you tell us a little bit about the re-connective healing modality? How it developed and how it actually works and differs from other energetic healing practices?

Eric Pearl: Everything here is energy. We live in a four-dimensional world and the way they explain it with quantum physics is, imagine this tiny little bubble of existence in the huge, endless, multi-dimensional universe. And our little bubble of existence, the wall of the bubble is comprised of height, width, depth, and time. The interior, everything inside the bubble, has been energy. Just as we’ve always known. So energy healing techniques have been techniques to focus on different portions of this energy. Just as when you focus in on the sky. You take a telescope and you focus in on the section of the sky, of the universe, but if you want to see the whole Heaven at some point in time, you have to put the telescope down. You extrapolate what you’ve learned with the telescope, but you let go of that telescope to see the whole thing. Well, what we’ve been doing with our techniques is we’ve been tuning into subsets of the energy. Energy healing techniques are like the telescopes. They let us access portions of it. So, gift one comes when we put the telescope of technique down and we can begin to access the entirety of energy, which is something we have not been able to do via technique.

Realize that time has been part of our bubble. It means our bubble is expanding. It’s expanding further and further out into the universe, so it’s encompassing more of what is always existed in the universe, but hasn’t been part of our tiny little bubble before. It’s timeless. It’s not old, because it hasn’t been within the bubble of time, so it’s timeless. But it is within our bubble of time now. So it is new, here.

The gift that we receive is that we expand beyond energy into a spectrum of energy light, aspects of which have not been here before. And we access yet even more. This is us, reconnecting with our original fullness of our essence, our truth, what we interact with in between lifetimes. It allows for a new level of light vibration to emanate from our very essence, measureable in studies even coming from our DNA, and when we do that, we vibrate at a higher level of light; densities we’re not even aware of carrying around with us simply fall away as inappropriate for us and our life course. Evolution.


Brian: So will re-connective healing work 100 percent of the time?

Eric Pearl: What I say to people when they come in is, “If you’re lucky, you’ll receive the result that you have in mind, that you’ve intended. But if you’re truly lucky, you’ll receive a result that the universe has designed for you, one that you haven’t even dreamt about.” Either way, you’re fortunate. Let go, lie down, and see what the universe has in store. Now I’ll give you an example of that. When I first began to notice this type of thing, I remember a woman who drove 3,000 miles across the U.S. to see me. She was in her mid-forties; she had Bell’s palsy, which took all the control of her muscle movement away from one side of her face, which is something that many people get and usually it goes away by itself. Physically, it seemed to have gone away for her. However, she was left with this high sensitivity in that half of her face. She was so sensitive that if someone shut a door too fast, the breeze went by her and would cause her a chill or pain. So she came to see me for that reason. She had two healing sessions with me, and it didn’t go away.

So, if I stop the story right there, you say, “Does re-connective healing work every time?” Our initial surface answer to that would be, no, it didn’t work. Right? But, what she explained to me after her second session was that it was time for her to drive back home. When she was a very young girl, age eight or nine, she’d had a high fever and infection, and lost the hearing in one of her ears. She’d been that way for the past forty years. And suddenly, after the healing session, her hearing returned. Now, did she have the healing she had intended? No. Did she have one that was absolutely, exquisitely, and perfectly designed for her? Yes. So did re-connective healing work? Yes. Sometimes it comes in the form you anticipate. Sometimes it comes in a form you haven’t even dreamed about.

Brian: Yes. I know you said once that the first step to re-connective healing is to recognize there is a universal intelligence. Can you elaborate on how you came to this realization?

Eric Pearl: Well, if we allow ourselves to witness the design of the universe without judgment—the more we allow ourselves to observe, the more we recognize this. Look at the simplicity, look at the consistency. How trees know to grow up, and tree roots know to grown down. Children know to be born with two eyes and one nose, not the other way around. Look at the way the human body works. It’s got a perfectly regenerative design to it. We’re self-organizing, self-regenerating. When the human body doesn’t function properly, it’s not because it wasn’t designed well. It’s not because it’s missing something that some laboratory has created. It’s because there’s an interference in its natural function. You look for the interference and you find a way to remove it and then you get out of the way and the body heals.

This is the basis of true chiropractic. It’s about removing an interference in the spine that affects nervous system communication from the brain throughout the nerves to the organs and the tissues in the body. Chiropractors remove the interference, get out of the way, and the body’s innate intelligence, communicated through the nervous system, rebalances to help the body. What re-connective healing does is, it works on the same principle, except it works through allowing a rebalancing of the vibration through the energetic field through which we all function. And in removing the interference, the imbalances vibrate away.

When we interact with the re-connective healing spectrum, it brings in new levels, higher and more interactive levels, than we’ve had before. And it serves, in a sense, as a reminder of our optimal vibration, the higher and more coherent vibration, so you could say the person who interacts with this, let’s say you go to see a re-connective healing practitioner, as they access the re-connective healing spectrum of energy, love, and information; that light serves as a reminder to you of your optimal light potential. And it’s almost as if an internal voice goes off and says, “Hey, I remember this. This is me vibrating healthy. This is me vibrating as light. I think I’ll do it again.” And as you return to that natural level of light vibration, and you get denser than that light, which tends to include most of our health challenges, and emotional challenges, not just physical challenges, spiritual challenges, relationship challenges, career challenges, most of these densities are heavier than light, so as appropriate to you and your life course, these densities simply vibrate out of the system and fall away.

And once we recognize we’re abundant enough, we return to our optimal level of light vibration. Once we leave that darkness of fear, once we allow the light in, we see that we have always been perfect if we just get out of our own way.

Brian: I found that really fascinating. When you spoke in Melbourne last year, I remember being quite fascinated by that particular comment.

Eric Pearl: Re-connective healing is not a healing modality. It’s not a healing technique. It’s a way to transcend technique entirely. That’s the whole purpose of it. It is a way out of the limitation that we’ve had. You will not learn a new technique. You will learn how to transcend the very concept and limitation of approaching healing via a technique. Think about techniques as training wheels on a bicycle. The true gift of the training wheels comes only once the training wheels are removed. Our energy healing techniques are the training wheels in this field. They are extremely valuable, for us to take a technique and begin to learn how to find our balance in the energy healing field.

Our goal, our purpose here, is to master healing itself, not to master the techniques, and the highest gift of the technique comes only when you transcend the very technique itself. We have teachers and we have masters and they are not necessarily one and the same. How do you know you’re learning from a teacher? The teacher says, “Come back and learn more. Come back and learn more. And the masters say, “Go for more.” The masters explain that they’re not teaching us in the first place. The masters don’t want us to come back. They know they need that chair because there will always be a new student as long as there is truth to be taught. The only way you can truly honor a master is by transcending the technique itself. How do you know if you learn from a teacher or master? The teacher most likely will not feel honored if you transcend the technique, they’ll feel challenged. It’s the only way you can really be able to honour your master, by transcending the very technique that they show.

And once we recognize we’re abundant enough, we return to our optimal level of light vibration. Once we leave that darkness of fear, once we allow the light in, we see that we have always been perfect if we just get out of our own way.

Part II of Eric's interview will be available next month.


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