Issue 17 Mar/Apr 2014 - Creating Heaven on Earth with Bruce Lipton

on 05-Mar-2014

Here is the second edition of Veritas in the successful new 100-page format, offering a veritable feast for mind and body. There are wonderful articles from luminaries including a feature interview with Bruce Lipton on his new book The Honeymoon Effect, articles on Damanhur, sacred activism, and how to remind kids of their greatness, amongst other terrific reads. Plus wise advice from the remarkable teen environmental activist Xiuhtezcatl [...]

Issue 16 Jan/Feb 2014 - Exclusive interview with Andrew Harvey on...

on 11-Dec-2013

Now enjoy VERITAS in 100 pages! This issue introduces the new “RAW” section which is a magazine within a magazine! RAW is a new section on living and whole foods and about how we can live a more conscious, sustained and healthy life by introducing a more plant-based diet into our eating philosophy, and what this means for us and the planet. FEATURING Andrew Harvey, Dr Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Tolman, Don Miguel Ruiz just to [...]

Vol. 4, No. 1 – Damanhur: A Laboratory for the Future of Humanity

on 05-Mar-2013

This edition introduces the new “Conscious Kids” section dedicated to raising sentient little beings. It features an interview with Falco, the founder of Damanhur (voted the most evolved community on the planet), part II of an interview with Mooji, and other articles including: What is the Yoga Diet, Suffering: A Game of the Mind, The Benefits of Being “Self” Centred, and Casting a New Light on Creation.

Vol. 3, No. 5 – Birth of Conscious Evolution 2012

on 05-Mar-2013

This edition features an exclusive interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard on The Birth of Conscious Evolution, an interview with Mooji on Duality versus Non-Duality, and part II of an interview with Graham Hancock on The Origins of Consciousness. It features an article on Atlantis by Crotalo Sesamo of Damanhur, and other articles include: Approaching Year Zero, 108 Revealed, and Conscious Creation that Really Works.

Vol. 3, No. 4 – The Origins of Consciousness

on 05-Mar-2013

This edition features an exclusive interview with Graham Hancock on The Origins of Consciousness, part III of an interview with Gregg Braden on Solving Today’s Crises, and Part II of an interview with James Redfield on Preparing for a New Dwn. Other articles include: Earthing: Real Healing Power under Your Feet, Healing through Music with Deva Premal and Mitten, The Ten Pins of Self-Actualisation, and Food Yoga with Paul Rodney Turner.

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