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3 Easy Approaches for Creating a Company or Blog Logo 

While many health and beauty brands like to utilize social networks like Etsy and/or Instagram, having your own website is still an essential way to build an audience that’s independent of 3rd party platforms that can make your audience disappear at any time.

Coupons Can Keep Your Costs Super-Cheap:

Setting up a website can be super-cheap and is actually quite beginner-friendly. You don’t have to know any code or anything like that. And you don’t need to hire an expensive web design firm either. You can use a godaddy renewal coupon code we found at this link to keep your hosting plan around $1/month, which works out to twelve dollars per year.

New hosting packages come with a free domain name registration (for the first year), so don’t buy your domain first. Buy them together and get it for free. If you want to be eco-conscious, there are a few hosting providers that are considered ‘green’: leaving as little a carbon footprint as possible. They also have an eco-site hosting deal you can use to save 70% or more off.

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Installing WordPress:

WordPress is a free application that you should install on your website as soon as you buy the hosting. WordPress operates close to 30% of the entire internet and it’s designed to be beginner-friendly. There are thousands of free themes you can choose from to make your website look and feel the way you want, and it’s all free! Local Online Marketing

Once you buy the hosting, login to your new control panel, find the WordPress logo, and click install. It will take you through the steps to install the application.

When the install is completed, then you’ll visit your new website, and type in ‘wp-admin’ after your web address (so if your domain name is, go to Then put in your username and password, and you’ve just logged in to your brand new website!

Making It Look Like a Company Website:

When it comes to creating a new company, blog, or other venture, it can be easy to get excited by the prospect of getting your product, service or web presence out there to the world. Before you do so though, it’s essential to be sure you’ve got an excellent visual representation for what you’re selling or communicating. After all, you only get one shot at a great first impression! If for whatever reason you’re looking to create your logo easily, there are a few easy steps you can take to do so.

Use a Free Online Logo Maker:

It may be surprising, but there are many excellent free tools out there for creating your logo without any graphic design skills. All you do is select from the gallery of stock symbols, and you can then overlay your brand name or other text and images over it to create something pretty unique. Resizing, changing colors and personalizing your logo is simple. is the easiest one to use.

There’s a current trend for clean, simple logos right now, with some of the biggest brands using nothing more than a piece of fruit or a tick to create instant brand recognition in the minds of their customers. Even with these simple tools, you can play around enough to create something you can copyright, which is essential if you’ve got big plans for your venture.

Get comfortable with Photoshop:

Taking the do-it-yourself approach a step further, it may be worth thinking about creating something even more unique by building your logo from scratch. If you’re already comfortable with graphics editing software such as Photoshop, then that’s a great head start. If not, YouTube is your friend! There are many excellent tutorials covering everything you’d need to know about graphic design.

You can use your own photos or graphics and edit them down to the finest detail to get what you want. So, arguably this is the best way if you’re a bit of a control freak and like to fine tune everything yourself. You might even find you enjoy it so much that creating graphics becomes a side gig or hobby.

Call in the pros 

It’s no wonder graphic design is such a big industry these days. If you’re just looking to create a hobby blog and aren’t too worried about capitalizing hugely on your business or website, then the do-it-yourself approach may be sufficient. If you are serious about creating something big, though, then it’s important to use the professional help available to you. You wouldn’t establish a tech start-up without consulting a legal professional, and graphic design is almost as important.

With a graphic designer, you can have a conversation about what you’re looking for, and they should be able to suggest some ideas and throw some mock-ups into the mix for you to consider. That is especially useful if your strengths lie more in crunching numbers than coming up with pretty graphics.

In the end, creating a brand logo is just one of the many steps on the path to starting a new business or hobby venture, whether online or off. A great logo is crucial because it’s what the consumer sees in their mind’s eye when they hear your company name, and so creating something unique and marketable is crucial. Take the approach that best fits your skills and needs. Remember that you can always rebrand later if you change your mind.